Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Explanation of My Extended Absence From My Duties

Sooo, you may have noticed that I haven't had a blog post in quite some time. Or then again, maybe you haven't. Blogs are a bit like morning disc jockeys that you listen to but barely notice when they are unceremoniously replaced by cheaper talent. Fortunately my analogy does not include unceremonious dumping. Matter of fact, I'll do my best to add a little pomp and ceremony to the explanation for my absence.

I know what you're thinking: Sponge Bob is so easily excited. Is this really a big announcement? Well, I will let you, Dear Reader, decide. But as you have been following this blog about our family's sabbatical in Ecuador, I will presume you are either family or interested in the idea of a family sabbatical. So to my family and to the other two people still subscribed to this blog, I am happy to say that my excuse for neglecting this blog has been to focus on our new website, called Radical Family Sabbatical. (To minimize the many opportunities I've provided for you to misspell the URL, you can just click that link to go there.)

Radical Family Sabbatical is our attempt to provide families and others a resource to help them take a break from their hectic lives, spend more time together, and discover the world and themselves by taking a sabbatical. We want to give others what we could have used ourselves, sure, but we also want to inspire those for whom a sabbatical is a mere dream or who otherwise might not experience such an amazing adventure without a little push out of the nest.

Every week we send new articles to subscribers about planning sabbaticals, dealing with work or business concerns, travel and destinations, education solutions, financial preparations, and even personal growth and giving that sabbaticals inspire. We also feature veteran sabbatical families every week from all walks of life and from every kind of sabbatical experience.

If you haven't already unsubscribed from this blog, then you'll at least be able to tolerate the same snarky tone in Radical Family Sabbatical. And while many of the articles are provided by authors, industry experts, and other sabbatical veterans, we always work to ensure you are entertained while learning a little something.

Anyhoo, that's the lowdown. And I'd like to thank those of you who have followed our story here, and we hope you'll drop by Radical Family Sabbatical to check it out and sign up to receive our regular articles and family features.

Matt Scherr
Editor and highly unpaid principal at
Radical Family Sabbatical

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