A note on ads on this blog

We have tapped the magic of the Internets to place ads on this site, so we want you to know what these mean.

Most of the ads you see are part of a Google program to provide relevant ads based on the content of our blog. We don't decide what gets put up, and we may not even see the same thing you see (North Americans probably see different ads than South Americans, for example). If we place an ad on the site ourselves, we'll tell you, so that you know there is some degree of endorsement there. If you see a recommendation (or condemnation, for that matter) in a blog post itself, it is our honest word, or at least our own experience.

At this point we don't think the ads detract from the blog or create confusion. If you have a different opinion, please let us know. And if you like anything you see, by all means click through and help us pay for the trip!

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