Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Picture is Worth...


Well the picture was free, but the lunch, which you see only the first course of here, cost $2.50. This is a second-story restaurant that looks out over the main city square, Parque Calderon. (Shame I only have my camera phone today.)

Most "almuerzos" (menu of the day lunch) cost $2 or less and are universally good. No, I'm not pretending to be some some fat-wallet gringo tourist by paying extra here; the extra 50 cents is for ambience. And for my $2.50 I get what you see in the wide shot: fresh squeezed juice (there is no other kind here but in bottles in stores), popcorn (whatever, no extra charge), and soup (meatballs, yucca (cassava--you'd think it was potato), and veggies), and beautiful view. Next comes a large plate of meat (usually chicken; this one's pork), rice, and salad. If you can stomach it (ha), finish with dessert. But given the meal you just had, dessert is usually something light, like gelatin or the custard here.

Tax, though 12%, is already included in the price (presuming they actually pay it). Tip is 10% (yes, I lied; the actual price is $2.75).

And since I only came to town with three dollars in my pocket, I have just the quarter needed for the bus home.


  1. Hi Matt, Found your blog via Brian & Deanna's blog short while ago. Thanks for sharing all this great information. We have plans of possibly moving down there. We are coming down July 6th to July 16th to check out Cuenca for ourselves to see if all the great stuff about is as great as what we think. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  2. My pleasure to put out this "information," as you call it. I'd call it burfelling, but I'll take "information" as a complement. We've got more practical information as well. But I try to limit that here, as there are already loads of bloggers putting out that helpful information. Good luck with the scouting trip and feel free to ask questions.