Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fish upstream from here

Sorry, but once the scatological humor starts, I just can't stop my inner 12-year-old boy. I ran across this picture from a bit ago I should have included in my earlier post about pollution.

A former sanitation worker doing a double-take, I'm sure

All my municipal buddies will get a kick out of this. We at home worry about sediment from construction sites getting into the river. This is a portable bathroom installation in place for an event that day in the park. Notice the drain pipe with a fairly nice pitch flowing...right into the storm sewer.

Now those of you who aren't muni staff or RV owners may not be familiar with the different sewer systems in your town. One's the sewer we usually think of for...well, for what these guys are draining. The other is the one in the gutter you can spit or drop pennies in. It's just for groundwater runoff, which is presumably just to help rainwater and such to get to the river without having to flow over our streets and lawns. Because what none of us wants to see floating down our rivers is...well, the little brown flotilla these guys are launching into the river.


And keep in mind, the city would have either placed this itself, or contracted someone else to do it. And if they didn't, is no one seeing this? And does anyone ever trip of this and yank it from the drain?


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  1. Looking at the pic, I saw it immediately. Awesome. The real question is, how separate are their two systems? Meaning, this outflow -> inlet system may be the SOP. I know in quite a few African counties, they are sometimes combined, both storm water and sanitary. That is, where they even have a sewer system. Progress is relative, right?