Thursday, May 26, 2011

The old hood in pictures

As we are preparing to depart the campo for the hustle and bustle of the city, I thought I'd give you an idea of what we'll be missing in the city by way of scenes from my jogs through the barrio.

We're at about 9,000 feet here, so I am compelled to slow my pace for the uphills, but that's also a nice reminder to stop (or slow) and take it all in.

Our neighbor, Iglesia Racar

Ubiquitous choclo (one of their corn staples)

A distant view of Cajas National Park

Sinincay Falls and Laundromat (on weekends)

But then I have a number of "coaches" along the way that both encourage a faster pace and give me good coordination training. See, you have to face them while running away from them in order to keep them from biting you, which is quite tricky when three or more of them try to surround you.

Sorry, shot while running backwards and kicking.

And they are waaaaaaaay bigger than they look...Way.
I should give a shout out to Abbey, one of the backpackers who encamped here in February, who seems to have slowed their instincts a wee bit by macing them when she attempted El Carrera del Colmillo (Run of the Fang). That extra hesitation is all I need to keep on one side of them all. Still, I think they're safer than the cars I'm about to face on Cuencan streets.

Our house nestled in that saddle from across the valley

Could be Tuscany if not for the alpacas

A primary school behind our property at the end of my loop

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  1. Matt, I just read your entire Ecuadoran Extravaganza Fantastica in one, yes one, sitting!
    Exemplary writing I must say!
    You have the wit of the pen!
    Anyways, wife and our 16 year old daughter (minus our son in college) are making our way to Ecuador this Winter. We're from Loveland, Colorado and I visited Ecuador for three months last 1972! I remember Banos and Otavalo as sleepy little villages with indians and corn field everywhere. I'm curious to know why, other than schooling, you chose Cuenca over Otavalo? If not with school age children, which town would you then chose and why? - Thanks again for the wonderful insight into Ecuador. Ed