Monday, May 23, 2011

This Cold House

I really shouldn't start it that way. Yes our modern mansion in the hills above Cuenca can be downright chilly, but we are not leaving it for that reason.

Lawn maintenance
Nor are we leaving because of difficulties with the landlord, as we've heard many people have. The family we share this compound with has been gracious, generous, and fun. We eat from their garden, they let us keep a rabbit on the grounds (which was such a good idea that Manuel bought six more), they show us around, and invite us to family events.

First communion party in our driveway

Nor are we leaving because it is too big for us. We almost never go into the large bar/gym on the lower floor. And as a recent young visitor said, "It's a great place for hide and seek."

And we are not leaving because of the giant spiders (there's no getting away from those), the strange state of dysfunction and unfinished work on the house (that's just how it is in Ecuador), or the noise (frogs an crickets at night and cows and chickens during the day).

No, we are trading the beauty, tranquility, and clean air of the country for the hustle, bustle, noise, and pollution of the city because...we are too far away from all the other things we need in the city, at least for now. We need more exposure to language and events and cultural experiences. We need to be closer to the friends we've already made and the opportunities to meet more. We need to be closer to the food markets before my poor wife goes spare from building food gathering into her weekly planning and logistics.

So, upcoming will soon be pictures from our new home near the heart of Cuenca.

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